american food at its finest

Stax is the realisation of the long-held ambition of acclaimed chef and Virginia-born Bea Vo to bring the best of the American Deep South to London.

Stax and its menu were born out of a collage of Bea’s happy childhood memories of great road trips through the American South, taking rest stops at rustic lean-to shacks playing crackly old soul and blues records, the air ripe with the mouthwatering aromas of loosely packed, freshly ground burgers sizzling on the grill and hot, succulent and crispy deep fried chicken fresh from the kitchen, each accompanied by long held secret family recipes for home-made zingy sauces, signature sides and good ol’ boy bar specials.


  • Everything is made here with care and attention that Bea is famous for.

  • Our free-range beef is sourced from Pedigreed Sussex Cattle and dry-aged for 28 days before being ground in-house. Our Beef Bacon is cured with our own blend of spices and Maple syrup.

  • Build your burger the way you want–double Stax it, triple Stax it, add on the cheese and sauces you want–have the Stax burger your way!

  • Our housemade ice creams are based on old-fashioned frozen custard recipes and made with Valrhona Chocolate and the best fruits summer can provide.

  • Our Stax Cajun  fries are triple-cooked from the best Maris Piper Potatoes
    you can find.

  • Our Sweet Teas and Lemonades are made from Bea’s family recipes in Virginia–expect them to be utterly refreshing.